Engagement – Currency of Data

Many of the clients Little Rocket works with who are in their infancy or who are maturing their brand proposition and promotion have yet to understand or execute brand engagement strategy. Much of the attention of developing a business goes into securing the fundamentals or the veneer in most cases without penetrating the customer psychology and motivators. The keys in which to get beyond a nice logo, functional website and school pages towards an integrated engagement strategy is to [...]

Event Inventing

Little Rocket is passionate about events and has a history of delivering quality initiatives with positive outcomes. Our mantra when it comes to event management is about delivering quality outcomes that have an impact and that are sustainable where possible. Not too long ago our events team was asked to help manage and execute the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Day Festival in Kalkrindji and Daguragu, 12 hours south of Darwin. This was a dream job for many reasons, none [...]

Loss Leader

I was driving the other day on a hot Melbourne afternoon and passed three outlets advertising a big frozen coke for just $1.  I saw many kids and parents armed with their new found friend as they accompanied their hot journey with a cool reprieve and importantly a stack of sugar to really keep them going. Heavily influenced by both the lack of AC flowing forth from my hot car and the satisfied looks of the passer by’s, I [...]